NY2US  10 GHz Amateur Radio Station

Microwave Section

This section covers the microwave portion of my station, the photos below are a few of the 10 GHz station that I have built!! Remember the 10GHz Contest, I tried to operate from FN21ti, portable near Ellensville, NY (Ice Caves) on the 19th of September. Sorry didn't work you! We encountered problems in obtaining access. Maybe next year.

The NY2US Beacon is still operating, but not sure when I'll get a chance to upgrade the power supply (to eliminate the squitter), and ID keyer for better long carriers to make measurements with.

I know it take time to load all these pictures The Rig in its portable configuration @ 300 mW .

and I thank you for your patience The Antenna & transverter on the mast tilted down so that it can be tested, serviced or inspected.
only one more picture and the java script to load. 60 feet above ground it has made contacts over 140 miles.

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Links to UHF & Microwave band information 

In time there will be a number of links to pages with discussions about microwave communications, links to pages with conference material and many things of interest to the experimenting ham interested in microwave communications. This will also include some clips from the LIMARC's Tech Net that is hosted by K2RIW. Also included, Ten-X information: meeting places, upcoming measurment schedules, and new information about building 10GHz projects.

The NY2US Beacon Page

Ten-X Information
Currently the Ten-X group is working on: Ten-X group will be making Noise Figure measurements, sun noise measurements and antenna pattern measurments as well as operating techniques in the North East. Keep checking in for the latest, and when our next meetings will take place. You may also send an e-mail to the president of the Ten-X group, Bruce-N2LIV

Ten-X active Members

K2RIW Dick Knadle
K2VCV Gene Cichocki
K1UHF Del Schier
KK4YY Don Woodcock
N1RDK Paul Kondziela
N2LIV Bruce Wood
N2NKJ Ron Videtto
NY2US Larry Lipitz
WA2SAY Doug McGarrett
WB2GLW Mike Kulyk

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